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Instalations and Warranties

At Creative Tiling we are committed to customer satisfaction. We stand behind our work and our employees. We pride ourselves in providing personalized, professional service to achieve a top quality product, on time and within the budget specified. The tile experts at Creative Tile can offer expert advice on installation of interior or exterior custom flooring, countertops, back spalshes, fireplaces, showers, kitchens, bathrooms, balconies and more. See our complete One Year Natural Stone Installation Warranty in PDF

Download One Year Natural Stone Installation Warranty

Natural Stone Disclaimer

Purchaser acknowledges that Natural stones vary in color, pattern, and texture. The actual stone delivered may differ from the sample shown. The purchaser acknowledges that additional stone ordered at a later date can be more costly and cannot be guaranteed to match the original stone.

All countertops will be seamed or jointed as the slab size allows. The fabricator is solely responsible for seam placement in countertops and backsplashes. Fewer seams may require more material and expense.

Some materials are porous in nature and while highly resistant to staining and scratching can be subject to both. The fabricator makes no warranties implied or expressed as to stain resistance or imperivousness of the products to scratching. All slab countertops will be polished on one side and sealed prior to installation. Normal wear and tear for the purposes intended will not cause scratches or staining. Granite can only be scratched by other gemstones. NOTE: Industrial environments are not considered "intended" applications and would not be covered under this warranty unless expressly addressed in writing in a separate warranty document.

Purchaser acknowledges that the fabricator is supplying "surfacing" material only and releases the fabricator and installer from all liability for cracking or damage of material due to settling of the subsurface and/or improper construction. Countertops have to be installed on sturdy level cabinets with a tolerance of 1/8 inch per 10 foot span. The fabricator will not be responsible for re-fabrication of a top due to other people damaging the material. Most damage to stone occurs during transportation and installation or by other trades who stand or work on the surface.

A 12 inch overhang is the maximum unsupported overhang allowed for 2 or 3 centimeter granite. Additional support is required for overhangs greater than 12" and must be supported brackets or corbels. An unsupported span of 36" is acceptable if you have support on both sides. Minor chipping of the material can occur during installatioon but is repairable on site. In the event chipping occurs, the extent of chipping and the re-fabrication of any one piece is the sole discretion of the fabricator.

This warranty is limited to normal wear and tear and does not cover damages resulting from misuse, abuse, prolonged exposure to liquid or oil, neglect, mishandling, unauthorized modification, structural failure, or damage that is considered an Act of God.