Slate Tile

Slate is found in large deposits most commonly concentrated in continental coastal regions. These areas are where ancient oceans collected silt and other mineral elements which remain long after these oceans have receded. The material elements left behind in these former ocean beds - soil, clay and other random minerals - are exposed to tremendous pressures and heat over the course of millennia. The heat and pressure to which these materials are subject forge them into a rugged, naturally durable stone we recognize as slate. The minerals that are often found in slate quartz, mica, chlorite, and others act as stabilizing agents, allowing the slate to be very resistant to all kinds of stresses. This mixture of random materials explains the naturally varied hues from tile to tile, given that the mineral content in the stone will be equally varied. The harsh beginnings of slate tile stone flooring makes for a very durable, and visually striking material that is highly suitable for flooring for an inside or outside project

Why Choose Slate Tile?

There are so many different materials to choose from when it comes to flooring, so why choose granet tile? To begin with, Slate offers both indoor and outdoor applications with rustic earthy look and feel with vivid dark colors and lots of variation, most commonly gray in color, although you may find green, yellow, and red hues.. Slate is an excellent combination of durability and sustained beauty with distinctive surfaces, ease of installation, workability, and its natural slip-resistance. Slate is a great choice for many surfaces around the house including stair treads, wall cladding, fireplaces, flooring entryways, hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, patios, and other spaces. Slate floor tiles are available in many surface finishes, textures and colors. Slate flooring is typically more affordable then other stone tile flooring, making it a popular choice for homeowners.

Slate Tile
Pros for using Slate Tile

  • Strong and durable
  • Adds value to your home
  • Easy to Clean
  • Great for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Does not stain
  • Slip free surface


Cons for Using Slate Tile

  • Lots of variations in color
  • Not a consistant thickness
  • Can break or chip easily
  • Not everyone likes slate if you are selling a home

Color Variations in Slate

Because slate is made from a natural stone, you can expect a certain level of color variation from tile to tile. This is because of the fluctuation of the amounts of minerals and other compounds unique to each individual tile. Although this can be seen as a disadvantage if you’re looking for a monochromatic effect, it can really work in your favor when laying your slate with a more diverse design approach in mind. These natural color variations allow you to be creative when it comes time to laying out each tile, making a unique statement with the individual slate tiles you have at your disposal; let your imagination run wild! No other slate floor will look exactly like yours!

Care and Maintanance of Marble

Care and Maintanance of Slate Slate requires some care and attention in order to maintain its original appearance. Many stone tiles including slate are porous in nature, excessive water may cause reactions such as oxidation, staining, deterioration, etc. Special impregnating or penatrating sealers are recommended to avoid these problems. We always apply sealers to any slate applications. Warm water, mild dishwashing liquid and a soft cloth clean up most spills. Slate is a slip free surface, requiring few special precautions. It is extremely durable, stain and water resistant and easy to care for. Avoid the use of cleaners that contain acid such as bathroom cleaners, grout cleaners or tub cleaners also avoid vinegar, bleach, ammonia or other general-purpose cleaners. Let the professionals at Creative Tile assist you in choosing the proper products for cleaning and maintaining slate. With proper care, your slate's beauty will last for generations.

Why Choose Creative Tile?

Creative Tile is a innovative San Diego based company fully equipped to handle all phases of Slate, Stone and Ceramic Tile Installations as well as polishing and sealing, residential or commercial. We have been serving San Diego County and Temecula since 1999 and pride ourselves in providing personalized, professional service to achieve a top quality product, on time and within the budget specified. Whether you are considering remoldling your kitchen or bathroom or just looking to update you home, there are so many options and different materials to choose from. The tile experts at Creative Tile can offer expert advice on installation of interior or exterior custom flooring, countertops, back spalshes, fireplaces, showers, kitchens, bathrooms, balconies and more. Get a custom Free Quote today!